March Volunteer Work Week Recap

Twenty-two volunteers contributed their time and energy assisting Facilities with different projects on campus and continuing work on the remaining floors of Weston Hall (formerly Horace Mann).

In Weston, a group worked on preparing the basement restrooms for future use and replacing water damaged walls. On the second floor, volunteers repaired walls and damaged floors. They also re-routed and removed pipes. 

Volunteers took advantage of the students being on break and worked with Facilities to do general maintenance and dormitory repairs, including completely re-painting a Case Commons unit that was recently damaged due to a pipe that had burst. 

Jim Hobart '58 and Kathy Huff '67 worked with Advancement for the week, helping process and clean-up returned mail. 

Of course, the week was also festive and fun with meals and social hours taking place in North Hall kitchen. A big thank you to our wonderful cooks Louise Meller '67 and Helen Welford '69, as well as Peggy Erskine '60 and Charlotte Hallam '60 also assisted.

It was a bittersweet week, as the group said farewell to Amanda Cole '05, previously Director of Annual and Leadership Giving. We wish her well but know we'll see her again during a future work week!

March work week participants included:
Peggy Erskine '60
Charlotte Hallam '609
Jim Hobart '58
Gary Houseknecht '66
Kathy Huff '67
Roger Huff '69
Jim Hunter '82
Mimi Jerkan (former parent & first timer!)
Zoran Jerkan (former parent & first timer!)
Shirley Kristensen '54
Evelyn LaMers '69
Tom LaMers '68
Julia Lainer
Louise Meller '67
Marc Snyder '94
Jim Spangler '74
Joan Stockton '65
Megan Trolander
Tod Tyslan '96
David Vincent '65
Helen Welford '69
Richard Zopf '73